OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock Bike Lock Review

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock Bike Lock Review

Introduction: Brand History

ONGUARD is one of the most popular bike security brands on the market today. One of the reasons why their bike locks are so popular is the fact that in spite of all the quality that you get to enjoy, they are all available at insanely low prices. In fact, you are likely to get a model from ONGUARD costing up to half the amount of money you would have spent on a lock from another brand with the same design and security ranking.

The ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock bike lock is a great example of this brand’s abilities with its great design and amazing features. Below is a review of the lock to help you make a more informed decision should you decide to go with this model.

Our Favorite Features From The OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock Model

· U lock with X4P Quattro locking mechanism

As earlier stated, ONGUARD puts a lot of emphasis on innovative designs as a way of providing users with more reliable bike locks. The ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock in particular features a basic U lock design with the X4P Quattro mechanism giving it an extra edge. This design is meant to ensure maximum security by hindering attack of the lock whether using cutting tools or by applying high impact forces.

The U shackle itself is 16 mm thick making it one of the strongest locks on the market and one of the most difficult to cut through on the streets.

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

· Snap lock Quick release

This unique feature is meant to eliminate any potential challenges you might face handling the Quattro lock mechanism. It ensures that by simply working with the snap lock, you get to either lock or unlock in the blink of an eye for fast and effective bike locking.

· 5 key system

The lock comes with 5 easy to use and difficult to replicate keys. One of the keys have LED light for easy access at night. The light is powered using a replaceable battery.

· Weight and dimensions

The ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock bike lock is a standard sized bike lock measuring 4.37 inches in width by 7.96 inches in length. The space left within the U shackle offers the perfect combination of security and convenience in terms of variety of objects around which you can fasten the lock.

It weighs 2.5 pounds which makes it one of the lightest 16 mm U bike lock on the market. This makes it easy to handle and more importantly easy to carry around.

· Gold sold secure rating

The ONGUARD Brute STD lock is considered one of the most secure locks on the market. This is validated by its Gold rank on the sold secure rating system.


– strong and durable.

– It is light.

– cheap.

– very easy to use.

– It is one of the most secure options on the market.


– The cylinder is exposed to dust and tends to jam over time.

– Unlike other highly ranked models, this bike lock lacks reinforcement sheaths and sleeves for added protection.

Final verdict

The ONGUARD Brute STD U-Lock is without a doubt a great bike lock. Its features make it not only easy to use but also very strong and reliable. It is also a durable option that you can rest assured will serve you effectively for a very long time. the OnGuard Brute STD U Lock is a great option worth considering especially if you are a bike owner looking for great quality on a budget.

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