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How To Lock Your Bike The Right Way Tips and Guidelines

 How To Lock Your Bike

How To Lock Your Bike The Right Way


If you own and love your bike, then there is probably nothing more dreadful than the thought of losing it. for this reason you would probably not hesitate to invest in the right bike lock. but the best bike lock is only half way and you would have to learn how to lock your bike the right way and effective.

Below are some tips and guidelines that should go a long way in ensuring that you know how to lock your bike the right way in order to make the most on that great lock that have.

Bike lock-up tips and guidelines

1. Choosing the right location to lock your bike

One of the most important ways to lock up your bike properly is identifying the best location to do this. busy streets, public areas and locations with a low crime rate are the absolute best options. However, these ideal spots are not always readily available and this is where you need to get creative. If you working in a high crime rate location, your best option would be to capitalize on well-lit spaces and with high human traffic.

2. Finding your spot on the bike rack

Bike racks are the perfect combination of security and convenience and as a bike owner you probably already know this. However, what most people don’t know is that some spots on the rack are better than others. it would be best to ensure that you fasten your bike around the rack as close to the center as possible. This makes the bike and the lock difficult and will more often than not hinder the thief’s progress.

3. Choosing the best spot on your bike to fasten around

Again on location, it is important to find the best spot on the bike itself around which to fasten your bike lock. It goes without saying that parts of the bike frame with closed looks are the best. This includes in between the wheel spokes as well as the different frame triangles. The wheels in particular are the best as they ensure that even when the thief’s attempts to steal your bike they won’t get away with valuable removable parts like the wheels.

4. Actual locking of the bike

Having found the best place in the city, on the rack and on the bike itself, the next thing to consider when figuring out how to lock your bike the right way is the actual process of locking. Below are 4 tips that should ensure that you do things the right way for maximum benefits.

– Make it hard to access the lock key hole

This usually helps hinder theft by picking the lock. You can do this by ensuring that the lock key hole faces away from the street. If it’s a bike rack, make sure that the keyway faces the other bikes.

– Fill the space created by U shaped shackles

U shaped bike locks are without a doubt among the most reliable bike locks. However, the long U shackle have a weakness. you should ensure that the space is filled as much as possible. One way to do this is by investing in small or moderately sized U locks. You can also fastening the lock around both the wheel and another part of the frame to ensure that the space is filled out and access using bolt cutters is hindered.

– Double locking

Trust me when i say that you can never have enough locks. In this case, double or even triple locking comes in handy. This is where you use more than one lock to secure your bike to the rack or other pole. More often one lock attached to the frame while the other one attached to the wheels. This is meant to protect not just the entire bike but also the removable parts.

– The Sheldon Brown technique

This technique simply involves ensuring that the lock goes around both the rear and the frame triangle at the back. This works best with U locks and folding bike locks but can also be effectively used with other bike lock designs.

Bottom line

After all learning how to lock your bike is just as important than getting your hands on the best bike lock. The tips above should help you make the most, whether it is a cable lock, chain or U lock.