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ABUS Granit X Plus 540 Review

ABUS Granit X Plus 540

ABUS Granit X Plus 540 Review

Introduction: Brand History

As far as security is concerned, ABUS is pretty much a household name whether or not you own a bike. With more than 110 years of experience, we have learnt to expect nothing but the best from them with their amazing lock designs and superior construction making their locks not only reliable but also durable.

Their bike locks in particular are considered some of the best on the market offering great security options to bike owners all over the world. The ABUS Granit X Plus 540 in particular is one of their best selling and highest rated models and with all its amazing features, it is not so difficult to see why. Below is a review of the bike lock in terms of its features, what you have to gain and a few imperfections that you might have to deal with.

Our Favorite Features From The ABUS Grant X Plus 540 Model

· U lock design

U bike locks are without a doubt the most reliable bike lock designs available on the market today. In addition to the security offered, the locks like this ABUS Grant X Plus 54o model are very easy to operate. The U shackle in particular is 13 mm thick and this makes it very hard to cut through with ordinary tools including bolt cutters and hand saws that are commonly used in bike thefts.

· Weight and dimensions

The ABUS Grant X Plus 540 bike lock is considered a medium sized lock measuring 9.0 inches in length by 4.25 inches in width. These dimensions fall within the range for standard U locks ensuring that you as the bike owner have plenty of options as far as objects around which to fasten your bike is concerned. The bike lock weighs 3.2 pounds which makes it a pretty heavy unit. However, it is interesting to note that it is one of the lightest standard size U bike locks on the market.

ABUS Granit X Plus 540

· Temper hardened German steel frame

The use of this and other high quality materials is what makes the ABUS brand so popular. The Temper hardened German steel used on this particular model’s frame is without a doubt responsible for the high security that you as the bike owner get to enjoy. The material also protects the lock from corrosion and fading due to prolonged exposure to the elements including sunlight, water and even dust.

· Double bolted shackle

This is hands down one of the best features of the ABUS Grant X Plus 540 bike lock. The shackle is designed in such a way that once it is locked, both ends are bolted resulting in a patented phenomenon referred to as the power lock. This makes it difficult to attack the lock by forceful pulling, high impact forces and even cutting tools.

· Compatibility with frame mounting brackets

This bike lock is not the lightest on the market but its compatibility with frame mounting brackets makes it very easy to carry around while not in use. The brackets are sold separately and are used to attach the lock to the bike’s frame for storage and transport.

· Internal dust cover

This is in the form of a small mobile valve at the entrance of the keyway that exists to protect the key cylinder and tumblers from dust accumulation that may lead to clogging and lock jamming. The dust cover moves away easily once the key is inserted allowing easy and convenient unlocking.


– It’s strong and therefore very secure.

– easy to operate

– It is compatible with frame brackets

– Also resistant to corrosion and thus very durable

– The dimensions offer you as the user variety in terms of objects to fasten the bike around.

– Customizable cylinder allowing you to use your old keys on your own new specially modified lock.


– The lock is heavy.

Final verdict

It is safe to say that as a bike owner, this is a great bike lock definitely worth considering. It combines great construction, durability and easy operation for a bike security option that you will have around for a very long time. You can therefore rest assured that should you choose to settle for this bike lock, you will be leaving your bike in a great set of metallic hands every time you go to work or rush to your classes at school.